Import and Export, Customs Clearance and Shipment

Import and Export, Customs Clearance and Shipment

Kristy ITT provides all customs clearance services within the following countries:

  • Turkey
  • China
  • Morocco
  • Palestine

( Europe and Africa Offices )

Kristy ITT delivers its services under the organization of a comprehensive process starting from receiving goods from the sellers’ warehouse, taking care of transactions passing through customs clearance and shipment, to finally safely reach the intended country of the importer.

Door to Door service

Door to Door service

Kristy ITT company provides an excellent door to door shipping service, which most clients are happy about.

With our shipping service, the customers don’t have to worry about the shipping risks and the custom’s transactions. destinations :

This service is confined to the following

  • Turkey – Saudi Arabia
  • Turkey – UAE
  • Turkey – Morocco
  • Turkey – Palestine
  • China – Morocco
  • China – Palestine
Distribution, Mediation and Commercial Agencies

Distribution, Mediation and Commercial Agencies

In addition to advisory services provided by the company in the field of import and export, Kristy ITT also offers field services that include representation of several companies and factories in serval countries. Other services include mediation trade services that help to finalize business transactions successfully.

Some agencies that we represent

  • Sanel – Elevator Company
  • Tuba – Pajamas and underwear
  • PoloSpeed – Sports Wear
  • TUPx – Sanitary equipments
  • D&G – Tools
Products Research: Markets Research

Products Research: Markets Research

The company provides products research services and offers comparable prices to its clients who wish to import goods. This step saves the clients a lot of time and effort in the search for any product.
These services are provided to the companies that are considering entering the Moroccan and Palestinian markets, which enables vendors to be appointed to their respective locations. This in turn allows for the evaluation of their position before going into the market and avoidance of serious unforeseeable obstacles.

  • Product research
  • Comparison of prices
  • Initial market research
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